Tuesday, August 01, 2006

You're TOO OLD!!!

So I do have to say that there comes a time in everyones life when they finally feel old, and I think that mine came way early.

We arived back at the school about an hour before any other crew and this is what happened. We desided to have a crew basketball game. So after messing around a little bit, we finally picked teams. We made Mark and Joe our team captians and they began picking. I waited and waited and waited It came down to only me. When Mark exclaimed

"You take Amanda and we'll play five on three."

To which I replied, "Why do I have to be the last one picked?"

"You are too old to hang with us," was the next thing out of his mouth.

I was determined to change their minds about that one. When Joe passed me the ball I took a step behind the three point line and let her rip. *the sound of the net echos in the gym as the kids stare at me stunned*

"Look who's too old to get picked now," I said, my arms up high.

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