Monday, July 31, 2006

Its a Small World After All

So today was our first day to drive to our work site and Jim was trying to make small talk with the kids on our crew. Since it was so early in the morning none of the wanted to participate, but I did

"Have any of you ever been to OBA Kids Camp?"

"I have the last two years," I exclaimed proudly.

"Then you know my sister," Jim slyly says back, "Her name is Terry!"

"Terry's your sister? Then I guess you already know about the Water Balloon incident."

"Yeah, she told me about it on the fourth of July when I was down there."

"I was there too. I had the kids in the Back playing games."

Jim and his family had gone to the fourth of July picnic that Kious Jenny and I had gone to and were there together without even knowing. I had his two youngest sons back with me and I even have a picture of them. Jim was also the crew chief of the work site right next door to mine last year in Bremerton and we ate lunch together everyday for a week. What a small world.

Jim and His Wife at the Fourth Picnic (at laest their backs)

AJ and Ray at the Fourth Picnic (Jim's two youngest)

The result of the Woter Balloon on Terry's Neck (It looked much worse about an hour later)

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