Friday, July 21, 2006

Summer Memory 1.0

Me and Kious (my summer missions Partner)

So I guess that the most logical place to start is the beggining. Orientation was in Portland, OR. I was the first summer missionary to arrive in the northwest (and oddly enough I will be the last one to leave this beautiful place).

Orientation always has these traditions (I should know this is my third summer to serve up here). One is that on Thursday we go to the convention Center in Vancouver (that WA not Canada) and then we have a free day to go site seeing or do what ever. It was time for my third annual trip to Multnomah Falls. It was just like I remembered it. Even though it was my third trip, each time you go is different because you are with different people and they always point out things that you didn't notice the last time.

That has been Summer Memory 1.0. Be in the look out for Summer Memory 1.1 coming soon.


mike said...

Just letting you know I linked to you form my blog. Thankyou for being a friend and confidant to Christine :) Be encouraged... and keep blogging.

ckhnat said...

look out ... don't believe a word she says! it's my stories from this summer that are the real truth. lies ... her's are all lies!


lifeguard said...

thanks guys...the first comments are always the hardest to come by