Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Paint Chips are Born

Top row (left to right): Dianna, Kendall, Amy, Jim, Joe, Mark Bottom Row (left to right): Jake, Sarah, Nona, Amanda, DJ, Nichole

So, World changers got started off with a bang. My crew (yeah I was a crew chief) was so amazing. God knew what he was doing when he put the twelve of us together and I am so thankful.

Dianna has a great heart to serve and she always wanted to make you work harder than you were

Kendall was our comedy relief. You never felt down when he was around (and I think that he could win Last Comic Standing)

Amy was the shy one, but man was she a hard worker. She was never not doing anything and I really appreciated that about her.

Jim was the only forty something on the crew. He was such a great encouragement to have on the crew. He has a heart for evangelism.

Joseph has a willing spirit. When asked to do most anything he jumped on it with no complaining at all.

Mark worked his but off. He was always willing to stay late to get the job done and was never found with out a tool in his hand pulling something apart.

Jake was the automatic cement mixer for our team. He always did as was asked and worked very hard. His mellowness help me get through so rough patches.

Sarah has a gentle spirit. She always had a smile in her face and never got down. You can be nothing but happy when she is present.

Nona was quiet as well, but her willingness to get in the small hard to reach places was beyond amazing.

DJ has a great heart and he loves God more than anything and that shines through him without question.

Nichole has a humbled spirit. She was never working for attention and always served others, even others on the crew.

So you have now officially met the Paint Chips. Our week together was awesome.

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