Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Plan Backfires...

Today for lunch, Phil and I went and ate at the Patio Cafe (our alternative to the UAM Cafeteria). We each ordered a burger and fries. Well while we were sitting waiting for our food, Phil desided to go ahead and get his condiment: MAYONNAISE!

So I hatched a plan:

1. Wait until Phil puts the mayonnaise packet on the table.
2. Point the packet in Phil's direction.
3. Hit the packet and watch Phil get dowsed in the mayonnaise.

At least that was the plan. Everything was going accordingly until step three. As soon as I hit the packet it exploded alright, but not on Phil. The entire packet ended up all over ME!!! I was so embarrassed, but it was so funny. Phil and I were laughing for about 15 min. That'll teach me to never expect that a mayonnaise packet will explode in any direction (because if you do, it will end up all over you.

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