Thursday, August 03, 2006

Family is Everything

Today was a very great day. I got to see my baby brother Cody while in Spokane. My brother was put up for adoption when he was born and lucky for me my mom's sister (my aunt Yogi) adopted him. She is the track coach at the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID. Moscow is only an hour from where we were staying so she brought him up to see me. I had so much fun with him. We went to the park and just had fun running around playing tag. He turns six in October. What a great thing to see family.

Cody Sliding down the Slide

Cody and Payton

Cody, Haming up for the camera


ckhnat said...

are you kidding me?!! you're still in WA?!!

lifeguard said...

yeah...I am still in WA...can't come home until Monday