Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kelly's WOW Moment

Well while we were at Siverwood on our day off, my friend Kelly had a great WOW moment. Kelly is this fourteen year old kid that looks like he is ten. He has a really great heart and he reminds me of my little brother. We were in line for the Antique Car ride and the two of us were joking around and sudenly the girl in front of us whipped around:

"Are you two brother and Sister?"

"NO!," we exclaimed in unison.

"Well then are you best friends?"


"Then how do you know each other?"

Kelly went on to explain that we were part of the World Changers group and what WC was all about. He then gave her his John 3:16 card and told her to read it and that if she had any questions to ask him. She then got on the ride while reading the card. What guts. Kelly is a great kid. I really miss him.


ckhnat said...

ack! loved your stories of your experiences 'Manda! yea!

lifeguard said...

I do what I can Kious...just trying ti get the full setting portrayed as much as posible