Friday, August 11, 2006


Surprise...I am not in Arkansas. I am still in Olympia. You see I was the lucky on who chose the day that terroists would be arrested in London to fly home. Security was so hightened at SEA-TAC that I missed my flight by three seconds (and I was even at the airport three hours before m departure time!).

With the whole no liquids thing, I took everything out of my carry-on and placed it in my checked bag, or so I thought. When I finally got to the security checkpoint, they saw that I had deodorant and chapstick. So they went thorugh my entire bag. This held me up for like five minutes, therefore causing me to miss my flight. (everyone around me in line that was on my flight also, made the flight) If it wasn't for those stupid new security measures, I would be in Arkansas right now. But for me its back to Olympia.

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