Monday, June 21, 2010

Job Opportunity???

While hanging out at th Moysiuk home, I decided that I would go and take a nap around 12:30. About 3 I received a phone call from the principal of Jame Bowie Middle School in Simms, TX informing me that she had noticed my application and that I was the only applicant that had math experience and asked if I would be interested in an eighth grade math position for next fall. I told her that I was and she asked if I could come in for an interview.

Here en-lies the problem. I am in Olympia, WA until July 13. When I said yes to returning to work up here, I thought that I had a job lined up and that I wouldn't need to worry about being in the Northwest for a few weeks. Well as school came to a close, a job was not offered. Being a human, I became worried when day after day there was no offer and no returns on phone calls or emails. My fear was to arrive in Olympia and then get a call about a job that required me to be in Texarkana. So I put everything in God's hands. I knew that coming to Olympia was a huge risk, but God had opened the door very wide and if I was supposed to have a job next fall, HE would provide on for me.

Back to the call...after she asked me to come in for an interview, I informed her that I was in Olympia, WA and that I would not be returning until July 13. She then let me know that the school was hoping to fill the position by next week. But if they hadn't filled it by the 13th she would call me when I got back. If that is where God wants me to be, the job will still be open after July 13. Until then, there is nothing else that I can do.

God, I come to you now with this job opportunity. If this is where I am supposed to go next fall, then I am willing. But if not, then fill the position before I return home. I am not going to worry about anything. I am giving this to you and seeking your wisdom and guidance. I know that I have slid away from you lately, but I am turning to you. You know what is best for me and your will is what I want. If this job is not for me, I pray that you provide another. But for right now, it is all for You. I am taking it out of my hands and putting it into Yours.

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