Friday, June 04, 2010


I have started a five week bible study called "Espresso with Esther".

I have always been fascinated with this story. A young Jewish foreigner gets talked into joining the king's harem by her uncle Mordecai. She gets beauty treatments for a year and wins the favor of the head guard who send her away for her night with the king dressed in the most amazing jewels and perfumes. She then impressed the king so much that he made her his queen.

After a while Jews become victim to a genocide of sorts. Mordecai asks Esther to go to the king and ask him to stop. Knowing that she could die, she voiced her concerns. Mordecai then suggested that maybe she has risen to this royal position for just a time as this.

She fasts and prays and goes before the king, who extends his scepter. Haman is hung, Mordecai is raised up and the Jews are saved.

This story has always fascinated me. For the next five weeks I am going to delve into this story and pick it apart.Get ready for many lessons from Esther.

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