Sunday, June 06, 2010

Its 100+ Degrees...In My Room

It is not that unusual for it to reach 110 degrees where I am from. You walk out side and walk to your car that is less than 100ft away and then feel like you have just jumped out of the pool. So when I got home from church is was not that weird for it to be a little warm in my bedroom. Especially since my room faces west and when the sun starts its descent, it begins to really heat up and the air conditioner starts getting turned down.

So this afternoon was no different. As it started to warm up, I started to turn down the air conditioner and waited. It kept getting hotter. So I turned it down a little more. And it just kept getting hotter. The next time I looked the thermostat said that it was 98 degrees and it was just getting hotter. So I went down stairs and told my grandparents, went back up and grabbed some things that don't need to stay in that kind of heat, and went back down to where it was a least 84 degrees so it doesn't feel as bad.

Come to find out, the compressor has gone out and now it is just a waiting game. Waiting for the guy that is going to come look at it. Waiting for his diagnosis. We might have a hot night on our hands.

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