Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Person I Admire

Robert Leonard is my Campus minister. These last couple of years, I have learned a lot about him and have learned a lot from him. He is a very Godly man, and he truly loves serving his creator with all he is.

Sunday morning during Sunday school, Rob taught from 1 Peter 1:13. Peter says to get ready and to keep your mind on heavenly things. Rob went on to talk about how we should never attach aorselves to anything here. We should not think of our stuff as anything that we would die if it was lost.

Little did he know, that at that very moment (or shortly there after) someone was in his house taking his stuff. Rob's house was broken into while we were at church. He lost a lot of his stuff, but they didn't take the thing that he treasured most, his faith in God to get him through.

Rob came to church Sunday night, just as normal as ever. He talked to us about what had happened and how he felt about it. His composure about he situation just reaffirms everything that he had talked about that morning. This whole situation makes me respect and admire him more. Love ya Rob!

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