Monday, January 08, 2007

God Rocked my World At Passion 07

Pulling into Atlanta, GA at 2 o'clock in the morning, I thought I knew exactally what to expect from this years Passion 07 conference. Little did I know that God was just going to rock my world.

It all started with Beth Moore's main session on Tuesday Morning. She talked about to really honor God, you have to humble yourself. This was something that I had always heard but never really knew how to do it. But she said it is just getting on your knees and know with all you are that you can do nothing without God, and living your life that way.

Then Francis Chan got up that night and pretty much made us search our hearts to find how deep our love was for God. And after a search of my heart, I knew that my love was very shallow.

The next day, instead of going to a break out session, I went to the prayer journey room and spent two hours on my face before God praying for him to put on my heart what I need to do with the rest of my life. He said GO! and I answered "wherever you need me". Iraq was on my heart so I went and talked to the Freedom Center people and they told me no, that I have to graduate first.

I didn't understand, God told me to go and then mand said no. Then Louie Giglio spoke to us that night. He said "you won't know when, you won't know how, you won't know where, God just wants you to be willing to GO!" It all made since after that.

So, I don't know where, when or how, all I know is that I am going and the Jesus is going with me.


Carmen said...

So when are you Going to WASHINGTON????????

Jim said...

Hey Amanda! We REALLY need one more team for our dart league!!! Are you interested? Call me ASAP!!!