Saturday, January 13, 2007

Off to a CRAZY Start

School has officially started and I think that I am going to go insane this semester (I know that i have put thsi load on myself this semester, but it is going to be a rough ride). My classes started bright and early on Wednesday morning with Calculus 3, and it will be the last egight oclock class that I will have to take. After Cal 3 I had Gen Chem 2 and that was a great class. Tuesady once again started with Cal 3, and then I had History of Math and Linear Algebra all three back to back to back (in the same class room). And on top of all that, I went to the doctor on Wed. and found out that I have an upper respitory infection and am on antibiotics right now.

The only good thing about starting classes this early is that we have a three day weekend because of Martin Luther King Day. So for me, it is a weekend of lounging with friends and watching movies.

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Anonymous said...

Loved looking at your pictures and finding out a little about Passion. I will have to visit more often. I love you. GM