Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just Been Thinking

I have been thinking a lot lately (yeah, I know a HUGE shock). Some of the stuff going on in my mind right now are a bunch of ramblings, but some of it is really deep stuff so I guess I am asking for help, advice, really anything.

Along with everything that has been going on lately, I have really been questioning why I believe what I believe and do I really know what I believe? My whole life I have been taught who God is. I have been taught that he sent Jesus to die for me, and that if I asked for him, he would change ny life. But the question that I have been fighting is "Is that deep enough?" I know that I believe in God. I know that he sent Jesus to die for me and that I have recieved him in my heart. But does my faith rely on those that have taught me and if they were to fall, would that make me fall?

That is my fear, but that is what I have been spending the last few days contemplating. I have delved into the word and have searched my heart to find exactaly where I stand. So I ask for prayer, wisdom and suport in this time of soul searching.

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Robert Fellows said...

Well, I do know that your faith does NOT rely on those who taught you. They got you to the "trough". Now, how much you drink is up to you. Your relationship with the Father is YOURS and YOURS alone. If those who led you there fall, you don't have to. Just continue to cultivate your personal relationship with God. You can't go wrong that way.