Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Passion 07 Picture Book

So Passion all started with a project called Touch Atlanta where everyone attending was asked to bring a towel and a pair of socks:

It was really cool to run into (or get hunted down) by those that i have met throughout the years doing summer missions.
I enjoied getting to hang out with my campus minister, Rob:
The powers of the best family group in the striped blue community group unite:
The had the Passion 06 graffiti was on display:
We were the luckiest grou ever, Shane Everret (of Shane and Shane) was our worship leader:
There were so many people there:
That I couldn't fir them all in one frame:
The CNN Center was home to our break time: The Omni Hotel was home to our community group:
The GWCC was where the Go center was located:

Talk about a great speaker, John Piper was awesome:
And who doesn't like Beth?: My friend Camie (Who couldn't go) asked me to buy her a brick for the Do something now campaign

This year's graffiti wall:
Bro. Chad's contribution to the wall
The best family group ever:

And that was Passion 07 at a glance.

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