Sunday, July 01, 2012

Courage and Risk

This morning, I got the privilege of attending my first worship service at First Baptist Church Port Orchard. Pastor Jamie's message was unique this morning, he did a review of the first half of the year's sermon series in his church. 

Before I get into the part that really got me, I need to explain some things. Ever since my first summer in the northwest in 2004, I felt that this is where God gave me a heart for. I love the people, the culture, and the beauty of all I have seen while being here. I always feel like I am coming home when I make the treck up here, and always feel like I am leaving a part of my heart when I return to Texarkana.

 At the end of his review, Jamie hit Acts 1:8 "you will be filled with power when the Holy Spirit comes down on you". He mentioned that is impossible to fulfill the calling God has for your life without th Spirit and that by feeding yourself everyday, you will be able to better discern the His will for you. Then he went on to explain two characteristics about the early Christians.

 1. They had Courage.
         They had no safeguards for their lives.
 2. They took risks.
         It is easy to be brave, but not always risky. Sometimes God's will requires us to to walk away from safety and be dangerous. 

Right now I know I am courageous, but I am not sure how risky I am. Sometimes I feel as though I am stuck in that safeness, not willing to give up safety for the risk that it would take to go. It is a hard place to be. I am praying for faith to know when to move. I am praying for God to provide.

 The time may soon arrive when I need to get a little risky.

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