Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And They're Off...(My Experience at DFW Airport)

Yesterday, I left the beautiful Northwest to return to Texarkana.  Now normally, this trek is very uneventful.  But that was before we hit Dallas with thunderstorms rolling through.

My flight from Seattle was delayed when it was diverted around the storm south and then came back up to DFW.  This little diversion added about an hour and a half to our flight time.  Right before we landed , we were told we were coming in to C28, and then we were given our connecting gates for our next flights.  "Texarkana B4", came over the intercom.

Once I disembarked from the plane, I grabbed a bite to eat thinking, "I have 2 hours and all I have to do is take the tram around to B4 when I am ready to go."  After eating a delicious dinner from T.G.I.Friday's, I made my way to my gate.  When I got there, there was an announcement that our gate had been changed to B7.  I had passed B7 on the way to B4 so it was just a short walk back.  Once I arrived at B7, the announcement came that our flight was leaving from B9.  Another quick stroll and I arrived at B9 only to be told that I needed to go to B35.  This was no short walk however and that meant another ride on the tram.  On the tram, I met a group of people who were all stating their various levels of frustration of the migration that we were all on.  We sat at gate B35 for an hour and were then told once again that we needed to change gates.  This time we were to go to B21.  One good thing for us, our pilots and flight attendant were with us at B35, so they were now in our migration pack.  It must have been amusing for others at the airport watching our herd coming down the terminal.  As soon as we hit B21, the pilots got word that were were now going to be leaving from B15, so we followed them.  And finally got confirmation that we were really going to leave from B15.

So, six gate changes and an hour late, we all finally departed from DFW and headed east to Texarkana.  I met my grandparents at the airport and they took me home and I crawled into my bed at around 11:30.  Another trip finished.

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