Friday, May 15, 2009

G-Day (Graduation Day)

I have this cool littel tool on my phone.  It is a counter that tells you how many days until a certian date.  So about two months ago, I put May 15, 2009 in and labled it graduation day.  This morning when my alarm went off and I rolled over and turned it off, my phone said Days till Graduation-0.

Thats right everyone, in just over three hours from now I will be starting a journey that I don't even think that I could have seen coming five years ago.  But it is all surreal.  I am sitting in my dorm after completely packing everything (well almost everything) and it is so bare, btu as I was packing I began to think of everything that I have learned since being at the University of Arkansas at are just a few:

1. Be careful when trying to trick someone, it could backfire.

2. Wisdom can come from just have to have your ears tuned in.

3. I want to boil...not just be hot water.

4. That I became old way to early (at least thats the way I saw it).

5. No matter how many times you hear a story, something can always surprise you.

These are just a few of the many lessons that I have learned here.  Many more can be seen in my archives.  Now its time to get ready...

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