Thursday, May 21, 2009


Jamestown is where America started.  Jamestown Island is where there is excavation going on and they are finding the clues to jump back in time and understand history as we know it

an ariel view of the scale model of Jamestoen Fort

Dr. Day with Dr. Kelso (the guy who wrote our book and is the head archeologist on the Jamestown site

The first church built in Jamestown (which makes it the oldest protestant church in America)

Me in a well...

Sifting through the bucket of dirt brought up from "the first well"

Dr. Shay encouraging us to stay off the beaten path

Group Shot with John Smith

Me and Beth off the beaten path

And beyond closed fences

Us inside the pub clinking our glasses

And drinking them down

A replica of one of the ships that brought the first 104 settlers

The cargo hold

Ready to go and waitng on our professors, what else is new.

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