Friday, November 17, 2006

Words of Wisdom...From an Unlikley Sorce

I saw Disney and Pixar's Cars for the first time tonight, and I loved it. The movie was hilarious and I wish I could watch it again. While watching it, I fell in love with Mater. It wouldn't seem likely to have learned something from him, but I did.

While teaching Lightening McQueen his special type of driving (that would be the art of driving backwards) Mater said something that really got me to thinking:

"It doesn't matter if I can see where I'm going, as long as I can see where I have been."

What a line. These last couple of weeks I have been stressing myself out over my future. What am I going to do when I graduate? When will I graduate? How am I financially going to get through the next two years? And the question just keep going and going. I have been so worried about where I am headed that I haven't been paying attention to where I am or where I've been. I have forgoten that God has provided for me these last three years, so why am I worried about he next two?

Sometimes God uses the most unlikely characters to remind us that He is whats important. So thanks Mater for shedding some light into my life.

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Robert Fellows said...

Something we could all be reminded of. Thanks!