Monday, November 20, 2006

I Want to be a Full Moon

"What is the major difference between the Sun and the Moon?," Rob had asked.

I had crashed the fresman bible study over at his house and this question really hit me hard.

"The Sun is a source of light and the moon reflects light," came my answer.

"And when does the moon reflect the most light?" Rob came back.

"When the Earth is out of the way." I answered back.

Doesn't that statement just take your breath away? I hit me right between the eyes, and i am the one that said it. We are to reflect the light of Jesus to others. When do we reflect the best? When the world is out of the way. The moon never stops reflecting the light of the Sun, it just gets blocked by the Earth every once in a while. When Jesus comes into our hearts, we become reflectors of His light. The question then becomes, are you reflecting well?

I might not be where I need to be in that area yet. Too many times I find myself getting blocked by the world, by my nature. My reflector tends to get smudged. But I know what I want to be:

I want to be a full moon.


Robert Fellows said...

I've heard him use that analogy before and each time it gets to me too. I allow so many other things to get in the way, but I'm working on my light.

Matt B said...

Beautiful analogy!