Saturday, November 04, 2006

I Miss the Northwest

There, I said it and I really mean it. Today was one of those pajama days (where you stay in bed, relax and try not to do anything kinda days). So all I did was watch movies that came on tv. Every movie that I caught glimpse of tened to be centered in either Seattle or Portland. They would show places and I would be like "I've been there. I've seen that." This just made me miss being up there. Memories cam flooding back, and I started looking at all my pictures and reminice on my summer. How I miss all my friends.


Samantha said...

so the other day I was walking along and I tripped over my own feet, not surprising. But I was knocked to the ground and then thing is I think I passed out but I can't be sure, well I am sure that I clearly heard a voice say Amanda should go back to the Northwest because the mean temp is 60 degrees and we miss her too. I am taking this voice seriously :) we miss ya too up here

Carmen said...

You know you could come back!!!!!!