Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Well...Its Official

So I guess this whole internet dating thing really works.

Kious was my summer missions partner this past summer...this is her story.

Once upon a time in a land not to far from here (I think in the barren land of Kentucky) lived a fair maidden named Christine (but to her friends she was know as Kious). Kious stated a blog to scribble down her thoughts and have people read them. One day a stranger (a boy stranger at that) commented on one of those thoughts, and a spark was ignited.

Day after day, and week after week, they would comment on each others rambling blogs and it got to a point when commenting just didn't work anymoe. What was next for this maiden and her stranger?...instant messaging (yeah I know, a little high tech for a fairy tale), but anyway they started having real conversations.

Our fair maiden, took a trip to the enchanted land of the Evergreens where she met a beautiful, smart, charming, witty, sporty, young sorceres named Amanda, in whom she confided her story. As soon as our stranger asked for the fedexing of some very stylish and comfortable shoes, Amanda knew where this was going...but it wasn't until their trip the rain forrest that Amanda voiced these opinions and she whipped out her crystal ball and told the fair maiden exactaly what would happen:

"I predict see that you will be dateing byt the end of the summer. Next I see an engagement in your future, it looks like it will happen by the end of the winter. Oh but wait I see a wedding, and it is going to happen right after you, fair Maiden graduate." But it wasn't until their trip to Lebannon when these prdictions were confirmed. (see our maiden's side here)

We skip ahead a little in time and our stranger hops on a steel bird and flew over an ocean or two to capture the heart of the fair maiden. And our stranger turned out to be a handsome prince who indeed won the heart of our fair maiden and are now engaged.

All I have to say is...I better be invited to the wedding (I am the one who prdicted that it was going to happen)

This all make a wonderful story and I wish the two of them all the best. But it doesn't happen for everybody. But as you can see, it does happen every once in a while. I hope that my prince is out there. A girl can wish can't she?

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John Dekker said...

Yes, well done, you called it.