Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sorry Ryan...Not Today

There is something to be said for a come from behind victory that just make me go weak at the knees. Especially when I am the one that comes from behind to win.

Ryan and I were sitting in the center and we desided to play a little game of NCAA football 2009 on the XBox 360. He picked Nevada, so I thought that I would go easy on him and picked Idaho (GO VANDALS!!!). I started out pretty rough (being distracted by phones ringing and friends needing to talk). There was a point when I didn't even realize that he had scored two touchdowns.

The second half was mine. I was down by two touchdowns and a field goal. I was coming back (slowly but surely). With 29 seconds left I got the ball down by five points. After he sacked me (and I let the clock run to eleven seconds) I decided to go for the hail mary...the first one was an incompletion...and I had six seconds on the clock after I called time out. With one more Hail Mary (and a sould have happened pick that didn't) my reciever came down with the ball and was all alone to the end zone...and with the extra point I won 42-40.

Not today for you Ryan...

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