Saturday, August 30, 2008

Congradulations Zeb

As I sit here and post yet another entry in my blog, one of my really good friends is getting married and I am not there.

I met Zeb in Chicago, IL on June 10, 2007. We were both on a PIONEER"S Edge team heading for Greece (along with Jarred, Anna, Sarah, Margaret and Becca) for the entire summer. Arfter our orientation was over, we packed our bags (well just pack what we had used at orientation) and headed for Ohare to begin our journey overseas. Zeb and I happened to have the chance to sit next to one another on the flight from Chicago to London and I will never forget those what he just thought that he NEEDED to tell me before take off:

"Have you ever seen the movie Final Destination?", Zeb asked with a sort of mischivious tone.

"No", was my answer.

"Well at the very beginning of the movie," Zeb goes on to explain, "a guy stands up on a plane and says that hes had a dream that the plane is going to explode and tries to get people to follow him off. I think Eight did, and after that very plane took off, it did explode. The rest of the movie was them trying to excape death"

" there any particular reason you had to describe that specific movie right before our plane took off?"

"No not really"

After that conversation, I knew that Zeb and I would have a great summer. We ended up filming over two hours of interviews that I was able to show people back home about what our summer entailed.

After getting back to the states, and going back to school, Zeb met Tammy and the two of are getting married right now.

Zeb, have a great day. I wish I could have been there. I am praying for ya'll right now.

"Ciao for Now"

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Zeb said...

Amanda, that was beautiful, thanks for thinking of me! Haha, why did I bring that movie up before we took off?!?! Oh well, it was a memory for the books I guess. We did have a great summer didn't we!?!