Monday, August 18, 2008


So Saturday night I found myself at Timber Lodges Bowling Alley with Becca, Troy and Hiram. The four of us went head to head in a winner takes all kind of thing. Game one was kind of slow (we were all trying to get a feel for the lanes). Troy and Hiram seemed to get into a groove early, Becca and I just seemed to be holding on for dear life. I ended up scoring a 99 (and I was so mad that the last frame had a hidden pin that I wasn't expecting)

Our second game started out better (at least for me). I bowled a nin in the first frame and followed that up with a strike which was followed by a spare. That in turn was followed up by another strik and another spare. After that, I kinda hit a little rut, but I did end with a 142, which was a great game for me.

And that was the end of the bowling night for me (I wanted to end while I was ahead). The rest of the crew's last game was not much to write about.

We had a great time!!!

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