Thursday, October 25, 2007

We Need to Get Our Passion Back

Passion- any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling

Man can we get passionate at football games. When our team scores a touchdown, we scream and holler. When the refs call bad calls on our team, we usually start yelling at them because they didn’t see what we saw. When our tam gets behind, it takes all that we have to not get down on the field to play ourselves. And I can’t even begin to explain that felling that you get when your team wins the game that they weren’t supposed to win. All this for a football game, that, in three years, will have no significance.

Why aren’t we this passionate about the works of God. Why do we stay silent when someone makes a life change? Why, when the spirit moves us, can we not lift our hands and shout for what God is doing in our life? How can we just sit back and watch and not want to join in?

We need to reevaluate what our passions are. We need to get out of the “I have to” mind set and get in to the “I get to” mind set. In a schedule centered society we need to break the mold and start to do things that we want to do. Because it means so much more to someone when you get to give them a gift than when you have to give them a gift.


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