Monday, October 15, 2007

A Break in the Clouds

The thing about storm is that they do not last forever. Eventually you will get to point when for a stint of time (even if only a quick stint) there is a break in the clouds and you get a chance to breathe.

I have been fighting a storm for a while now, but I think that I am finally seeing a break in the clouds. It doesn't necisarilly mean that i am out of the storm, it is just a time for me to think about things that have happened and see what I need to do to make the next line of clouds not hit as hard.

When we make it through a storm, we tend to use the time after to rebuilt what was broken and then let it be. But what we need to do is not only rebuild, but build it stronger and firmer than it was before. That way it is harder for the storm to damage the structure next time. I have been guilty of only rebuilding, but not strengthening it. Therfore the next storm comes and the same damage is done.

I have a break in the clouds, I need to do some reinforcing.

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