Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Hard Fight

On this road of life, why aren't there ever any road sighs that say:

"Danger: Road out ahead" or

"Do not Enter" or

"Dead End"

This has been the hardest week that I have had since getting back from Greece and I am so glad that it is over, but I can already tell that this coming week is going to be just as hard if not harder. I wish there was a way that time could stop and I could just get a break. Time to just stop and really think about what is going on.

"We need to fight for joy"

I hear these words from Rob almost every day. I want to do this very thing, fight for joy. But joy is so hard to come by right now. I am fighting for joy, but it isn't getting here. I am stuck in this state of just getting through every day and I am a wreck inside. Why does the fight have to be so hard. And right now I am fighting what seems to be a losing battle. The thing is, I really don't know how to change the tide. Satan is attacking and I can't keep this fight up too much longer.

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