Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back to the Heart of Worship

I read somewhere that if you hear a song 20 times, you stop thinking about the words. The book went on to say that this is affecting our worship to God. I would have to agree. I go to church and the music starts. Usually I don't even have to look at the screens, the words are already coming out. The melodies and harmonies are finding their way through my vocal chords. Then my mind starts to wander "What am I going to do after church today? What will the students be like tomorrow? Man I hope I get that job. Etc." Is that what my worship looks like to God. Can you even consider that worship? Even though I am singing the song, the words are not coming from my heart.

Yesterday I decided to do something about it. I grabbed a notebook and wrote the very words that you have read so far. I decided that I really needed to think about the way I worship. I have started writing down the words that I sing all the time and then figuring out if I really want to pledge that to the Lord of all.

I want to get back to the heart of worship. I don't want to go through the motions anymore. I want to worship in Spirit and in Truth.

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