Saturday, July 02, 2011

Some Pool Side Faith

Once again I have been granted the privilege of serving as the lifeguard at Kids’ Camp. Being able to work with the kids, building on relationships and starting new ones has been a blessing that will last a life time. I enjoy every minute that I spent at Camp Kursa each year and each year, I get more out of that time.
This week, our theme was “Driven by Faith in Jesus”. Each chapel time we delved into who God is and what is means to really be driven by our faith in him. It just so happened that my personal study each morning was learning about the Holy Spirit and how to trust in Him. That being said, Faith has been on my mind a lot this week.
Tuesday afternoon during pool time, I really started watching the kids. When I announced it was time for swim time to start, some just ran and jumped in. I call these kids Plungers. They didn’t know if the water was cold or warm, they just knew that I said go and they wanted to be in the water, so they jumped. Then there were the Toe Touchers. When I said it was time to get in, they ran to the stairs and put their feet in. Then after a while they might get wet to their waists. Then their choice must be mad “Do I keep going, do I go back, or do I just stay here where I am comfortable?”
As I was watching this, I couldn’t help but think how much this resembles Christians and their response to the Spirit. The Plungers are those who hear the Spirit say go and then run and jump. They know that once they get there it may be hard, but they also know that the Spirit is going with them and they are willing to follow (no matter what), their faith is strong. The Toe Touchers are those who hear the Spirit say go and then respond by only going a little ways to try it out, then they may go deeper. But all too often Toe Touchers stay where they are comfortable or they even give up all together. I want to have the faith of a Plunger, but I tend to find myself acting like a Toe Toucher. However there is hope for us Toe Touchers.
Going back to the pool, after awhile, I saw pastor Jim go over to those at the stairs. He would ask them if they wanted to go for a swim, and they trusted him. The kids, one by one, would jump on his back and he would swim them around the pool. The smiles on their faces told it all, they were experiencing the land of the Plungers and loving every minute of it. To Toe Touchers, those Plungers who are willing to come aside with reassurance and encouragement are priceless.
I know a lot of plungers (a few right here serving at Camp). I also know a few Toe Touchers. My prayer for the Toe Touchers is that God will continue to show you more of his Spirit and that your faith will continue to grow until you are ready to jump in (head or feet first). For the Plungers, I pray that your faith remains strong. I pray that every once and awhile you’ll turn back to a Toe Toucher and say, “Come on in and swim with me, the waters fine.”

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