Wednesday, July 16, 2008

World Changers-Florence, AL a.k.a. A Week with the Toe Nails

So this past week I was a crew chief at a World Changers project in Florence, AL. I went there because the church that I worked at for two summers in Olympia, WA was coming down and my first summer missions partner was going to be there also (and I couldn't let them have a reunion without me). So I went. I drove six hours to meet them and start working hard.

Now, as a crew chief I was going to be in charge of a crew. There is where the Toe Nails were started. The youngest crew at World Changers (I being the youngest crew cheif and having the youngest crew encourager). Our kids were pretty young too, which kind of worried me because we were going to be doing a roof and you have to be at least 16 to get on the roof.

Sunday was when we met and we went to Parkview Baptist Church in Tuscumbia to worship together. After church was over and we visited the site of our home owner, our driver took us to UNA to see the lions and we got our first crew photo.

Gareth, Katie, Mitchell, Hannah, Leslie, Me, Ashley, Briteny, and Caleb were the nine Toe Nails on our little adventure. We rode around on "Old Faithful" (well at least for part of the week until we deemed it unsafe to drive, thats a story in itsself)

Along wit hreplacing the roof, we also got to tear down and build a porch in the front of the house we were working on.

The roofing crew did an amazing job and we got alot done in a short amount of time. This is all of them (minus me) and I think they deserve a standing "o" for the amount of work they did put in last week.
And then there were my grounds crew (ashley, hannah, and caleb). They did some amazing work. You already saw the porch, but another job of theirs was to pick up the site and keep it clean (and find tools that we happened to misplace)
I think that my favorite part of the week was teaching the roof girls how to smoke a nail instead of hitting it thirty times to see it go in.
And needless to say I had to try and stay out of the pictures (Aren't I hiding pretty well?)
With one side done and the other in progress we wan'ted to have a little fun during one of our breaks (which is where this picture came from)
On Monday my crew encourager got sick so I had to ground her (literally). She was a good sport about it though.
And there we are on the tip top of our roof, however I think that this was taken on Friday and Leslie was not supposed to be up there (don't tell anyone)
Mitchell was a work-horse. He was the one who wanted to put the cap on the top of the roof and then...
...we were finished.
Hope you enjoied a little recap of the week I spent in Florence, AL as a World Changer. One last group picture of...The Toe Nails' toenails!

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