Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Memory (2005) 2.0

The summer of 2005 saw me once again in the wonderful Ever Green State, however this time I would be spending it with McKenzie Baptist Church in Olympia. As with each summer missions trip, orientation was the first stop for yours truly.

It was back ot Portland for three days of orientation (where Thursday afternoon was set aside for us to have a free day). I met my summer missions partner, Adrian, at the airpot when we flew in. We hit it off prttey fast and I knew that this summer was going to be great after only the first five minutes of hanging out with him.

We met Pastor Dan the second day of orientation and the three of us threw the frisbe around as we got the down low on what we would be doing over the summer and what our expectations were and what his were for us. Then came our free day.

Pastor Dan took us to Multanomah Falls (which are just breath taking). Adrian had never been there and this was my second trip. We had a great day of hiking and taking pictures and just getting to know each other.

This summer was going to be a blast. Stay tuned for more.

Multanomah Fall


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