Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Memory (2005) 2.1

So each summer, Pastor Dan and his fam take the summer missionaries to Seattle. This trip is a time to get to know each other and just have some fun. One of Pastor Dan's favorite places is Pike Place Market and that is where he wanted to take Adrian and me.

They had all kinds of stores. There was a lefty store (everything is made for left handed people) where I picked something up for my brother. There were several sports stores, toy stores, and clothing stores. But best of all there was a farmers market with every type of fruit, vegetible, and meat that you could think of. This is also the place where they throw the fish.

But my favorite placea Pike Place was across the street:

The first ever Starbucks stands in all its glory. And of course I had to go in and get a Mint Mocha-Chip Frappachino.

The trip with Pastor Dan wasn't our first to Seattle though. Samantha had taken Adrian and me to Seattle (really just to go and eat somewhere). But when we got there, we desided that we would go to the Space needle. It was a beautiful sunny day and we knew that if we waited until Pastor Dan took us we might not get such a great day. So we went and had a blast.

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