Friday, June 27, 2008

Sojourner Memory 1.2

The week after Reata Springs, we went to a church in Hermatige, OR. The difference this week was that we would be joined by the team of Laura and Hannah (Hannah is the one picking her nose). We were so excited to be doing VBS again for a different church (but it was still the same theme-Rickshaw Ralley).

We got to meet the new youth director (who had only been there for like two weeks and he and his wife had moved from TEXAS). They were so much fun. Lupe was pregnant, about 2 months, and Jeff was just loving being in Oregon. They are both teachers, and they both love working with youth and children. It was their job to get VBS rolling and they were the ones who assigned the jobs.

And then there was Troubador. He was probably one of the wildest kids that you will ever meet. A true handful he was. He fell in love with Hannah and so they were hard to break up when it was time for us to leave.

Fun time all week on the Far Out, Far East, Rickshaw Ralley Racing to the Son.

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