Sunday, March 25, 2007

Making a Game out of Worship

When I go to baseball games I go crazy. I have my favorite players, my favorite teams, and I act like I have something to do with the outcome (no matter if it is a win or a loss). The bast games are those one in a million where you get to see one of your favorite players (or any player for that matter) break a record or reach a career milestone. You join in the player's emotions of happyness and completion, and you feel (as a fan) that you played a major role in theie success.

How is it that we can get so serious about a game and can't get serious about worship? I can't remember all the times that I went into a worship time half heartedly, and I hate saying that (but I'm coming clean). I don't want to be that way anymore. I want to worship God with everything that I have and with all that I am. I hate the feeling that I get when I know that I could have done better. It is time to stop playing around with worship and take it seriously for a change.
The picture above is of Rafiel Palmeiro getting his 3000 hit at Safeco Field. I was there and it was awesome.

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