Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm Going To Greece

Yes, you read it right, I am going to Greece this summer on a mission trip. This has kind of been a decision that I have come to in the last month. I wasn't really sure what I was going to do this summer (whether to take classes or to go on a mission trip has been my debate lately). Finally I desided to just let the Lord handle it and as soon as I did that, he came in fast. I got a call yesterday from the Edge (the group I am going with). Jessica gave me my interview over the phone and by the end of the conversation, I was placed on the Greece Team.

I will be based in Athens (right outside Athens) and an encampment. I will be on the Camp staff and help with lifeguarding, music, drama and other everyday camp tasks. My team will meet on June 10 in Chicago for our oreintation. After about four days we will fly out together to Athens. We will be overseas for about nine weeks. We will fly back together for a debriefing time in Orlando. Then I will Fly into Little Rock on August 16. (after that I am not quite sure, I will either come straight to Monticello for Summer band, or I will go home to Texarkana for a day or two and then come to Monticello.)

I am really excited about this. I really feel that this is where God is calling me and I know that he will provide for it. Right now, my grandparents are not 100% for me going. I ask that ya'll (my faithful readers) pray for me and my family for patience and for wisdom in this time.


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