Sunday, March 18, 2007

Commission is Blind...

I have come to the realization that people who work on commission will say anything to sell you something.

Case in point:

I went shopping with a couple of friends for my birthday (my birthday really isn't until Friday). I was wearing my camo capris and a UAM Intramurals Champion shirt (this will come into play later).

My friens and i had been walking around the mall and descided to go into Dillards to see what they had. I found the cutest top and thought that i should try it on. To the dressing room I went, followed in tow by Jamie and Nancy. I tried on the top and came to show the girls (remember that I am wearing my camo pants)

"How does it look guys?"

"Not really sure," came their reply,"turn around."

That was when I saw the sales person kinda evesdropping into our converation. So I thought that I would play with her mind a little.

"The best thing about it Jamie, is that the top goes great with these pants."

The sales person tried to hide her shock and then stated that she never would have thought to put the two together, but that it looked "alright". To which I then told her that I wore those pants into the store and that I was only kidding.

THE BIGGEST LOOK OF RELIEF CAME TO HER FACE. I wish I would have taken a picture because it was hilarious.

But it got me to thinking. She would have sold me that outfit, even though she thought it looked hidious. I guess commission is blind.

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