Saturday, February 10, 2007

When God Calls...Respond (what I learned in Waco, TX)

So, God really taught us a lot last weekend and I want to share with ya'll (my faithful readers) what he taught us.

When we heard about this missions conference, we thought that we knew exactaly what we were going to get. Little did we know what we were getting into. As soon as we walked in the doors, there was this air about it that just didn't feel right. But we went ahead and gave it the benefit of the doubt. After the first session Friday night, the second Saturday morning and then the breakout that afternon, we had enough. We just knew that the conference wasn't where we needed to be.

Break 1: Let me take a break here in my story to explain to you something. This killed me. I was one of the ones pushing to go to the conference and when it turned out to be what it was, I thought that I had let everyone down. I thought that I had brought the group to Waco for nothing.

Then it happened. Rob asked me to see if I could find a church that had a Saturday night service. So like any good college student, I googled it. Highland Baptist church came up in the search (the only church in Waco with a Saturday night service). Their service started at six, so we loaded up and went. As soon as we walked in the doors, we knew that HBC was exactally where we needed to be. They welcomed us like we had been there for years. Doug (the assistant college minister) brought the message. The title of his sermon, Call and Response. God calls (he initiates it) and we respond. He said that God sometimes calls us places sometimes to get us where he really wants us to be.

Break 2: Wow, this is exactally what I needed to hear. Our trip to Waco started out at the conference (how God got us there) and ended at Highlad Baptist Church (where God really wanted to takes us).

So at the end of the service the pastor got up and said that he didn't know who we were, but he wondered if he could pray for us. So we went up to the front and Rob told them our story. It turns out that their church had been debating wheather or not to keep the Saturday night service going. So not only did they bless us, but God used us to answer some of their questions.

All of this happened because God called, and we were willing to respond.


Robert Fellows said...

Awesome story!

Jeff said...

I'd be interested in hearing why the missions conference was a bust...