Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tornados and A Wedding...Just another Saturday

So, this weekend started off normal. I woke up (at about ten) and did laundry. Made a Walmart run with a friend (he needed laundry detergent) and watched a movie. Just an ordinary Saturday morning.

That was until the weather started to go crazy. I got a knock on my door (notice I said knock, but it was more like a pounding that scared the crap out of me) and the person on the other side said that they were evacutating the dorms to the ground floor of the UC and that we needed to go fast.

About twenty minutes later, we were back in the dorms and I desided to take a shower (I knew that the weather wasn't far from over and I knew that Jack and Karen's wedding was at six and if something else happened I needed to be ready). Well half way through shaving my legs, an RA said they were evacuating again, so I got out, dried off, threw on my sweats and ran (drove) back to the UC. This time the wait was much longer, about an hour and a half. It was five o'clock and with the wedding an hour away I decided to take things into my own hands.

I walked up to the Campus officer and asked if we could please go to our dorms and grab our clothes (I was laying on the charm thick, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do). He said he would give us five minutes to grab everything out of our dorms that we needed, but we had to change somewhere else. So the five of us (Me, lindsey, Stephanie, Harmony, and Emily) piled in my car and ran to our dorms, grabbed our stuff and headed for the church (this was at 5:15 and it was about 5:20 when we reached the church). Just let me say that at 5:45 we looked hot. And it is not easy for five girls to get ready that fast, btut we did it with style.

The wedding was beautiful. Karen's dress was breath taking. The ceremony was great. It had its moments. The cell phone that started to go off in the middle of the vows (don't people learn?) Two candles fell from the holders (but they didn't start a fire, which was good). Karen did some quick thinking when her and Jack couldn't get the unity candle to light and she had one of the groomsmen to grab one of those that had fallen and exchanged it with the one they couldn't get to light. And I guaruntee you that there was not one dry eye in the house when Rob pronounced them husband and wife.

All in all today was eventful and it is a day that I will never forget. And guess who caught the bouque? Looks like I'm the next one to get married.

**Pictures coming soon**

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