Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Wisdom from a Good Friend

Today I had a free period so I decided that I would go to the Vera Lloyd and see what was goin on.  When I got there the boys were still playing basketball so I sat in the bleachers to watch.  After they were done, I had to run and take care of some errands, so I started to leave.  As I was leaving so was Jack Cross, a really good friend of mine.  He asked me how things were going:

"They're going.  Just two and a half months left," I replied.

"They sure go by fast don't they?  I don't think I can express to you the feeling that you get when you graduate college."

"You know Jack, as much as I have grown and have this core group of friends, I never saw Monticello as where I would end up.  And it is hard to say that."

"I know what you mean"

We went on to talk about where I am headed.  I really can't say for 100% sure what I will be doing next fall.  Will I be teaching?  Working with a missions organization?  Moving back to Texarkana?   Going to Africa?  I don't know, but what I do know is that I am scared.

Then Jack said, "you know we have talked over the last few years about this being a launching pad.  And that is what it will be for you"

What great words that I needed to hear at that moment.  When I think of those who have been teaching me for the past five years:
Mr. Fellows
The more that I don't want to leave this place.  So my prayer for now is not just God show me your will and help me to follow it, but send people into my life to take the place of those mentors and friends that I am about to say goodbye to.

Thanks for the talk Jack.

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Becky said...

Hey lovely girl,
We tend to look at our limitations, but God sees our potential. He can do great things with a soft and willing heart like yours.