Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hope for Katie

Last night as we were leaving our Hotel in Indianapolis, we debated on where we were going to eat.  Rob had said something about going to Taco Bell earlier, but no he was thinking Wendy's.  After the day of work that we had had, we wanted the shorter of the two so we said how about Taco Bell.  So we (slightly illegally) walked actoss the street to eat.

as we were waiting in line and for our food, Richard Eberly noticed a ring on the finger of the guy standing behind us with his family.  Richard asked him about it.  The guy said that it was a high school football state championship ring (which is school had won three years in a row). As they were talking and then as Rob got involved, Rob found out about a place that we know we were meant to go.

After walking across the street opposite our hotel we were all wondering what was going on and where we were going.  We ended up at a lodege that was hosting a benefit for St. Baldrick's Cancer Researh and we met a girl named Katie.  Katie is a 17 year old who just made her high school softball team.  But what is so incredible about that is that she has cancer (the same kind that Cami Woods had) and has been going through cemo for years.  The Benefit was that people (men and women) donated $100 to get their heads shaved.  We had six guys that did it, and the rest of us were tearing up watching it happen,

We followed God's leading and siezed a moment and God blessed us more that ever.  Now Katie's family is curious and we have created a lot of buzz in this community.

God leads and we follow

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