Monday, December 18, 2006

I Guess Cheaters do Prosper...

BACKGROUND: So David, Sharon, my grandmother and I were trying to play a a friendly non-competitve game of Skip Bo. We started out playing singles and of corse I came out on top. Then we desided to play pairs (david and Sharon against Me and Grandmommie). Well my team slautered them in two back to back games, then the story takes a turn.

THE PLOT: While we took a break (and by we I mean my Grandmother and I) to go get drinks and take a potty break, David and Sharon were "shuffling" the cards. We all got back together and dealt them out.

THE RESULT: Sharon and David leave us in the dust and win the game. How could this be? They couldn't have gotten that much better in that little of time. They must have cheated.

Now I guess I do have to mention that we played another game and their team won, but not so dramatically this time. Anyone can see what happened during those few moments we were away from the table. I hope they can sleep tonight knowing that they cheated!!!


Robert Fellows said...

Hey, you gotta know your opponent.

jnibby said...

Hi there I'm Jnibby, I don't think iv commented on your blog before. So here it goes.

That game looks very cool, and I don't think we that in Australia.