Friday, December 01, 2006

25 Days til Christmas...a Reflection

With it being the first day of december and anly having now 25 days until Christmas, I thought that I would reflect on this special time of year.

No matter what is being celebrated at this time of year (weather Christmas or Kwanza) what is one thing that is a constent?

A Tree!!!

A tradition that started in Germany and was picked up and the implemented into the christian holiday of Christmas, the tree is a major part of it

It is the first thing that we pull out and decorate after Thanksgiving.

And it is what all the gifts go under.

But does it have more meaning than that?

When you lose something, where do you find it? (I know you are probably thinking the last place you look, but I am serious). You find it where you lost it.

In the begining, man lost something in a garden, at a tree. Eve was tempted and Adam followed suit and the two of them ate of fruit from a tree that they were not supposed to eat from. Through Adam we are all born with a sinful nature. But it all started at a tree.

Jesus was born. He lived for 33 years. His ministry the later 3. And he died for all sin where? On a tree. He had to find us where we were lost.

I hope that this Christmas, when you wake up Christmas morning, you look at your tree and remember not only the birth of our Lord and Savior, but his death and resuection that freed you from your sin

It's all about the tree.


Robert Fellows said...

Nice, Girl!

jnibby said...

Hi there,

I like what you have written, I think It's great to be reflecting on the life of Christ as much as possible especially at Christmas.