Saturday, November 05, 2011

The "Joy" of Being Sick

As with every change of the weather here in Texas, those nasty little bugs are starting to go around. Working with kids, it is just bound to happen that one of those bugs will find me. In past years, if I got sick I was able to just stay at home and not worry about going to work or even getting out of bed for that matter. But now that I am an official teacher and with that only a limited number of days a year to miss school, I have to fight through what I am feeling and try to make it one day at a time.

On Tuesday night I started feeling it. By Wednesday, my cold was full blown and getting worse. However, since this week was the last in this grading period, I had to go to school. Each day it was a struggle to stay on top of my kids to get all their work finished and corrected. But i made it. At 5:00 on Friday I was going home, grades finalized and no planning needed to be done.

That is when the worst hit. Last night I was up every two hours, coughing up a lung and not being able to swallow anything. I was miserable. And because I couldn't sleep, I started to read. I rarely get to read anymore because of school and it was a pleasure to get to do that this morning. I fell asleep reading and had one of the best dreams I had head in a while.

Maybe it was the book, or maybe the medicine that I am taking, but I have had a Joy being sick!

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Anonymous said...

oh that is terrible. i hope you feel better soon. one year i had that crud at kamp kursa (kursa kurse).
what book are you reading that makes you feel better?