Friday, April 24, 2009

Thinking About Easter part 2

So it has now been two weeks since easter and a lot has happened, and I have been doing a lot of studying and reading since that day and there is one thing that I still can't wrap my mind around, "Why would Jesus, while in the garden begging for the cup to be taken from him and stainning so hard that he was sweating blood, pray for me?"

Usually, when I am going through struggles I pray, but not for anyone else.  I am usually praying for God to take the cup from me, and then give him a list of compromises that i will 'try' and uphold so that I can get out with as little pain as possible.  Then I read the gospel acount of Jesus' prayer in the Garden before the soldiers arrested him.  He prayed for his disciples, he prayed for those who would betray him, and the he prayed for the future believers.  I was dumb struck.  Jesus, when he could have called down legions of angels to save himself, was thinking about you and me and desided that we were worth the agony that He was about to endure.  It is a humbling experience.

I want to try and think of others more than myself.  I want to try and help others no matter what struggles I am going through myself.  I want to consider others worth everything to save them.

this is a pic to Joe Matthews when we bought WalMart out of easter eggs for rez week.

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