Friday, January 09, 2009

2008 NCAA Football

For those of you who don't know, I am a huge college sports fan. And my favorite would have to be, NCAA Football. In lue of the season ending last night, I wanted to put in my take on the season that was.

This college football season found the number one spot on the totem pole to be cursed. Georgia is the preseason #1, but drop that to USC after week one. USC loses to the team that gives them trouble every year, Oregon State, in week five and gives the spot up to Oklahoma University. Nobody gave anybody a chance to beat OU until they met Texas in the Red River Shootout where Heisman hopeful led his team to a fourth quarter comeback to gain top position in the rankings in week 7. After wins to Missouri (who everyone thought would roll over Texas) and Oklahoma State, Texas get beat in the last second to Texas Tech giving Alabama the slide into the number one slot. Where they stayed until getting beat by Florida in the SEC Championship game, putting OU back at #1 (which I still don't agree with because Texas beat them, but hey when you score 60+ in five games people will vote for you). Then in the BCS Championship Game Florida beats Oklahoma 24-14 and once again a number one team gets knocked off.

Now here are some of my most surprising games of the 2008 season. Week four brought us two of them. Although that is the week that Texas beat Arkansas, I would have to give the shockers to Ole Miss and Oregon St. Ole Miss beat Florida by blocking the point after atempt that would have sent the game into overtime. Although USC has had trouble there in the past, I thought that going to Oregon St. was an easy win for them, I was wrong and this knocked the out of contention. Not only did Georgia lose to Alabama in their fifth game of the season, they got slaughtered. I thought that it was going to be a low scoring defensive game, but I was wrong and Alabama shocked me. None of the Texas wins shocked me because I knew that people were under rating the all season, but the loss to Texas Tech was a shocker (especially when a freshman middle line-backer has a sure fire game clinching interception and he drops it). I don't think that anyone thought that Arkansas had a chance against LSU, but boy what a game.

Now for my bowl game ideas. Give props to TCU for defeating Boise State, I didn't think they were going to. The Oregon St.-PITT game was a defensive battle and ended up with a baseball type score of 3-0 (I had never seen this before). LSU Slaughtered Georgia Tech (and the LSU place Kicker gets my toughness award after taking one of the best hits I have ever seen while trying to recieve and on-side kick). Ole Miss showed up to play in their 47-34 rout of Texas Tech. Utah shocked the Tide with a display of why they should be considered for at least a share in the National title by being the only undefeated team. Texas pulls out a win against The Ohio St. with 16 seconds left the clock after an 80 yard drive led by Hiesman runner-up Colt McCoy. And the big kahuna, Florida defeats Oklahoma to become the BCS champions.

Everyone need to be ready of the Longhorns next season. With McCoy and Jordan Shipley returning, along with most of the defensive core, look for them to be a force to recon with. And here is my prediction of the 2009 Hiesman trophy winner:

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Mike said...

This football season was definitely nuts but it did realistically end with an absolute #1. Now, if Oklahoma had won, then Texas would have a claim to the overall title (as they beat Oklahoma earlier in the season). We still need a playoff system in my opinion- give teams like Utah a chance to upset a few teams and win a title.

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