Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fun With Becca...Before I Leave

So I got a call from Becca Routt (aka Hooks) this morning and she told me that she was going to be in Texarkana. She asked if I wanted to hang out and so the fun began

It all started by going and picking her up at the optomitrist where her aunt had an appointment. Right away she showed me her new camera and the picutre taking commenced. The first one was while we were stopped at a red light for what seemed like forever.

Becca was so facinated by the multicolored fire hydrants that we heav in Texarkana and Just had to snap a shot of one of them

And I couldn't just let Becca have all the fun, so Itook the camera from her and took pictures of myself while waiting at yet another stop light.

This is probably the biggest flag in Texarkana and it is flying high at Regions bank where Becca had to stop by and make a deposit.

And while driving back to her aunt, we passed a school bus, and you know that we just had to get a picture of it (Becca did such a good job with this one)

We had a great hour and a half together. We stopped by Rue 21 and Becca got a couple of new shirts and then we went to Cold Stone Creamery (the best ice cream ever).

We did get some bad news today though. Our friend Tim is joining the National Gaurd and he is not coming back to school in the fall. It makes us so sad that we won;t have him to hang out with and stuff. I won't even get to see him before he leaves for basic because he leaves on the 14th of August and I don't get back from Greece until the 16th. I am so Sad.

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