Sunday, April 29, 2007


Harmony [hahr-muh-nee]- 1. agreement, accord 2. a constant, orderly, or pleasing arangement of parts.

When you look at the word harmony what is the first thing that comes to your mind? To me it is music. So when Peter says "live together in harmony" I really didn't know how to relate what I know about harmony in music to harmony in life, until this morning.

In music there is no such thing as a bad note, there are only good note that are played at the wrong time. When right notes are played at the right time, it creates what we call harmony. Harmonies make a piece of music sound amazing. But one thing about harmony is that sometimes, not all the intruments are playing to create these harmonies. Sometimes it is the instrument that usually sit in the background that gets to stand out for one shining moment and take the lead. Sometime, all the instruments are playing and that just makes the harmony that much more.

In some music, there is what we call disonence. Disonence is when you tak a normal chord and you raise or drop one of the pitched of that chord to create a not so pleasant sound. Sometimes disonence is on purpose, and the main reason for disonence is to make the harmony after to sound that much better, and relieving.

Why the lesson you might ask? Well christianity is almost the same way. We are to life in harmony with one another. Sometimes this calls those who normaly take the lead, to stand back and let a background player come to the fore front every once in a while. Sometimes, the normal leaders are to take the lead with what they are given. Sometimes harmony calls us all to be silent. Disonence (disagreements) will happen, but it makes the resolution that much better.

We need to "live together in harmony."

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